Enhanced Communication in the Virtual Classroom Environment

Live, interactive communication with teachers, students, or meeting attendees is vital to effective online collaboration. Chat gives you an enhanced opportunity to engage with other participants – without leaving the video classroom or meeting.

Chat Tools

The advanced chat tools from Lumicademy let you experience natural, intuitive conversations in meetings or classes.

Talk with a group, the entire class, or one-on-one in a real-time video environment, moving efficiently from one chat to another.

With full chat support for over 100 languages – including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, and many more – Lumicademy lets you share, learn, collaborate and chat with anyone in the world.

Up-to-date chat features such as improved copying and pasting and a smart design chat interface that allows you to customize your screen and create the work experience you want.

Use your favorite emojis for a fun, engaging and expressive classroom experience.

Desktop and mobile editions provide users with the flexibility they need to work from anywhere.

Easily export your chat sessions for post-conversation review and reference.


Enhance your virtual learning experience today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Ready to power up your LMS? Try it and see for yourself.

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