Lumicademy Branding and Customization

The Lumicademy platform is designed in a way that makes it easy for organizations to personalize and brand it. With only a few steps, your own IT department can customize your online video conferencing app so that it fits your organization’s identity.

Simply customize, test, integrate and deploy.

Customize Your Platform

Create your own custom app with your brand identity, product name, colors and logo

Use Lumicademy sandbox cloud and APIs to test and integrate

Control your deployment – deploy to AWS, Azure, Google Compute clouds or your own secure private network

Create your own virtual classrooms, meetings or conferences and customize the teacher and student experience. Lumicademy has all the hooks, APIs and controls you need, plus the industry’s best privacy and security for your content.


Customize your virtual learning experience with your own brand identity today.

The Lumicademy platform is fresh, intuitive and easy to use. Try it and see for yourself.

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