Effective HR Training for Remote Employees

by | 4 Feb 2021

With the year 2020 and all of its challenges, remote training has become more important than ever before for organizations. Human resources departments are seeking ways to ‘relearn’ working, as well as training their employees from a distance. With so many people working remotely, educating online and training virtually, bringing together the people, tools and connection necessary to create an ongoing, trusted and secure environment online is a large task for human resources departments and team managers.

Here, we cover the challenges of virtual HR training as well as the solutions that HR departments and consulting companies need in order to be successful in online training for 2021.  

Challenges- Connecting Employees with Management

Corporations traditionally offered some of their training online which was based within siloed software, for limited engagement in employee learning and training.  Many companies offered human resource ethics compliance reviews or OSHA training and legal certification requirements within a simple software Q &A type solution. With the new standards of working nearly completely online, companies both large and small have had to adapt to a more robust remote online employee onboarding, training and learning environment for all employees. HR managers need to stay connected in a real-time and supportive role, while training and educating their entire workforce on a continued and long-term basis. 

As new employees are onboarding via a virtual hiring process, the human capital and connection gap needs to be bridged in as personal and as supportive a way as possible for the success and retention of a new employee, as well as for those who are an integral part of your team’s talent. 

Human Resources Technology Tools – What Works, What Doesn’t

There are many ‘productivity tools’ and SaaS products for working online. Most  of these were created for internal company tasks under the assumption that there is also an in-person connection and dialog happening at the office. This has grown substantially, with teams that work and engage in many different document formats and use many types of productivity tools  such as  Slack™, Microsoft™, Canvas™, Google™ office documents and more; making the ‘suddenly it’s all online only’ a very disjointed and frustrating process for remote training and engaging your employees and corporate teams in learning.  

With so many SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products for internal processes to choose from, the need for functional ease and integration and true professional development has come to the forefront during the past year, as working has largely been done at home. The needs of large companies shifted dynamically, and they found that software products often did not work together in a cohesive environment at a local or global scale. The need for an education and training platform to provide a supportive role, with its own tools as well as the functionality of integrating the tools that teams are already accustomed to using on a daily basis was pivotal for an HR department to create a true and easy synchronous training experience. 

Finding A Balanced Solution

Below we list the features of an HR virtual training solution that brings cohesive learning to your company, administrators and employees. Access to live, interactive and face-to-face connections for everyone to experience being part of your team, to be able to ask and answer questions and review, markup and change presented documents within a classroom approach to learning success. 

The Lumicademy Platform Approach to Remote HR Training

  • Easy platform integration with your existing HR management software
  • Live remote learning with HD video, crystal clear audio and chat
  • Privacy, security and controls for HR administrators and employees
  • Document sharing in over 70 commonly used document formats
  • Screen sharing and interactive whiteboarding 
  • Multi- page document markup and annotation tools
  • Bring your learning management system

Corporate Approved Solutions

  • Human resources teaching and training for small or large teams
  • Onboarding new employees and remote HR training 
  • Global solution with the ability to interact in multiple languages and dialects 
  • Works with multiple connectivity speeds and access points for HR instructors
  • Complete platform solution with your own corporate branding- fully customized 
  • Operate within our Lumicademy secure cloud or utilize your own cloud
  • API resources with access to multiple APIs

Virtual training for employees is now more aligned with company goals, when supported by the Lumicademy platform which integrates company branding and existing HR software. A partnership that supplies all of the tools needed to run a successful, easy and robust learning experience for both the HR trainers and the employees. 

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