The Lumicademy Education Platform Now With Canvas™ LMS Integration

by | 5 Nov 2020

Lumicademy is pleased to announce our platform integration for Canvas LMS which provides educators and their IT administrators, HR and corporate trainers and enterprise businesses the powerful live classroom tools that are created specifically for education and employee training. We provide services to the education sector, private, state and federal companies.

What if you could use all of your favorite Canvas teaching tools in a live virtual classroom? What great things would your class do together? With Lumicademy integration you can enjoy the future of learning: secure, connected, face-to-face learning.

Your Canvas™ LMS (learning management system) easily integrates on the Lumicademy platform for live, interactive virtual teaching and learning. You can create assignments and have classes in real time on Lumicademy. Online video classes with HD video, crystal clear audio, screen and document sharing come alive with our learning integration for Canvas.

How Lumicademy Compliments and Expands Your Canvas LMS 

For Educators

  • Live, real-time HD video and audio for secure online class teaching
  • Fully integrates into your Canvas LMS with ease
  • All the tools to support your learning environment-screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboarding, annotation and markup tools, chat
  • Add a live class meeting to an assignment easily
  • Add existing or new live classes to your classroom
  • Create all your assignments in Canvas on Lumicademy in real time
  • Have all your online classes inside Canvas
  • Open your Lumicademy chat conversation from within Canvas

For Education and Corporate IT Administrator Pros

  • Use all your team’s educational apps and tools with Lumicademy 
  • Complete Privacy, Security and Control for admins
  • Host and control your own cloud instead of sharing
  • Easy to plan for capacity
  • Detailed implementation
  • Reliability and uptime
  • APIs built specifically for educators
  • LTI standards for easy integration
  • Enterprise clients can enjoy live meetings within Canvas

Lumicademy provides all the platform tools for your virtual classrooms. It has never been easier to make learning happen in a synchronous way. Connect the power of Lumicademy to your Canvas LMS for safe, secure and powerful teaching. 

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