Engage Privacy, Security and Control In Virtual Learning Part 3

by | 17 Aug 2020


As the third part of our three part blog series, Engage Privacy, Security and Control in Virtual Learning, we discuss the importance of control, and how learning management system administrators and Instructional Technology coordinators must have the ability to control every detail in their classes or online training meetings, in order to effectively provide smooth virtual classroom experiences.  

Complete Virtual Learning Management

The most difficult part of conducting an online class can often be managing the process so that presenters can spend their time presenting, and attendees can spend their time listening or interacting effectively. To accomplish this objective, administrators need complete control over all the aspects of the virtual learning environment. 

Lumicademy provides:

  • The ability to handle technical issues with user audio and video devices
  • The tools to manage any disruptions to the meeting flow 
  • Complete API coverage for all aspects of users, conferences, device control, sharing content and much more. 
  • Lumicademy has built-in controls so that admin responsibilities can be handled by either a moderator, third-party or even machine-based AI.
  • We have built a powerful API-driven solution so that all aspects of the experience are API controlled 
  • Every aspect of what needs to and can be done in a virtual learning environment, is readily available through our APIs, the Lumicademy developer web portal and our host control application 

The Cloud Benefits of Privacy, Security and Control 

With Lumicademy, you can deploy your own backend modules into your own secure cloud that you control.  This includes all major aspects of the meeting experience including video, audio, shared content and recording.  

Complete control for system administrators

The typology of the modules can be distributed in a way that allows you to create failover and load balanced, faulty tolerant implementations as well as geo-located servers to provide maximum performance.  Lumicademy provides you complete control over it all.

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