Engage Privacy, Security and Control in Virtual Learning Part 2

by | 4 Aug 2020


Security is imperative when providing online training or virtual classrooms. Typical online video meeting services often do not provide the depth of security and compliance that is critical for the privacy of students or employees, as well as the protection of your company’s intellectual property.

In our three part blog series, Engage Privacy, Security and Control in Virtual Learning , we compare the differences in security here in part 2, and why these matter to system administrators for virtual education classrooms or your corporate training. (Read part 1 here)

Transporting your information, video and data online

General Video Meeting products:

Other online meeting providers use simple symmetrical key encryption approaches to data transfer- This does not ensure end-to-end encryption.

The Lumicademy Difference:

Implements true transport layer security (TLS) security up to the current standards of TLS 1.3. For voice communications we implement the DTLS standard.  These standards represent the most current and most secure approaches to transporting secure data for your online training or virtual classrooms.

Controlling all aspects of encryption- Do you have complete control of your online meetings? 

Other online meeting products:

Many general-use online meeting products use basic encryption protocols such as AES with fixed key depths and home-brewed techniques to handle key exchange, which leaves users open to vulnerabilities.

The Lumicademy Platform:

You control encryption levels of your meetings- from what is required to be compatible with web browsers, PKI levels, RSA key depth, available ciphers all the way up to the latest FIPS standards.

You can use your own web server certificates and domains which can easily be implemented using our developer web portal.

 If you deploy your own cloud modules on your own network, you have complete control over how, when and where your users can use your service.

Password controls and online meeting or virtual classroom invites

Basic Online Meeting Providers:

Most video meeting services either don’t require passwords to enter meetings or they will allow anonymous entry to online meetings, thereby subjecting participants to continual disruption, or even the possibility of threat actors or hacktivists having access to meetings.

Lumicademy’s Distinction: 

Meetings can be secured using passwords that are different for regular attendees, presenters and hosts or moderators.  

You can choose to configure your meetings to require custom invitation links for each attendee.

Custom user identification can be provided from your existing learning management system (LMS) via our APIs to further control who has access to any given online meeting.

APIs and OAuth/2- What implementation and control do you have?

Common online meeting companies:

Most video meeting products are limited to password based O/Auth, thereby requiring all users to have an account and password so they must deal with the complexity of synchronizing their account with other learning platforms. 

The Lumicademy Solution: 

Through our APIs you can leverage OAuth/2 to interact with your conferences or meetings.  We support numerous OAuth/2 flows including account and user flows, client based and API-key for machine to machine and service-oriented communications.  

Security has become paramount to running effective online education, whether virtual school classrooms or secure corporate training. For a system administrator, the need for online safety of the people under your guidance is addressed by the Lumicademy platform solution, as it works with the learning management solution products already implemented by your institution. The HD video, crystal clear audio, screen and document sharing, coupled with tools such as annotation and live document markup, allow for a complete learning or training solution that organizations need today. Don’t compromise your staff, students or employees with a generic video meeting tool when you can institute a standard of real security that implements easily for solid administrative control with Lumicademy. 

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