Why Educators Need A Platform Service For Virtual Classrooms

by | 12 Jun 2020

Virtual Classroom

Students and teachers are struggling in this current learning climate,  with a myriad of disjointed solutions for remote learning.  Each of these has its own set of website addresses and apps, and each contains its own username and password requirements.  To say the least, it is daunting for students and parents, teachers and most educators to navigate this disarray of convoluted systems and services. A platform-as-a-service can solve these issues and be the strong future-leaning distance learning solution for your virtual classroom.

Remote Learning Tools

There are numerous products and services on the market that provide a meeting experience.  They were built with the needs of general-purpose meetings or webinar layouts, and for those purposes they are well suited.  However, educators have specific remote learning needs and a different set of requirements.  Typical learning environments revolve around a learning management system (LMS).  The LMS coordinates all activity related to the classroom.  Leaving the LMS to interact with others using a generic meeting service is an unnatural experience.  Users are forced to install other apps, configure additional usernames and passwords and authenticate with other services.

 Lumicademy is designed to integrate seamlessly into your LMS in a way that makes the  experience of the virtual classroom feel as if it is part of your overall remote learning environment.  

Lumicademy takes an entirely different approach to this problem.  Instead of creating a general-purpose meeting solution, we built a service that focuses on the needs of educators and the requirements of the virtual classroom.  We did not release a product that is a generic meeting service, but rather, we created a platform-as-a-service, designed to seamlessly blend into your existing learning environment.  To make this possible, it required us to build a platform that is entirely API driven so that it could directly interact with virtually any LMS solution on the market.  Every aspect of the service is available through APIs that are easy to use and integrate. The system administrator can easily manage any aspect of the educational team’s experience. This also frees students and teachers from worrying about the frustrations of moving between the learning solution and the virtual classroom.

Developed for LMS System Administrators

From the look and feel of the Lumicademy platform’s color and font layouts, to naming it with your institution’s branding, as well as web domain names, security certificates and web links- ALL become an integrated part of your remote learning solution. Lumicademy removes the friction created by the typical general purpose meeting solution and allows your organization’s educators to get back to the job they do best- teaching.

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