Bring Live Collaboration Power: Lumicademy for Slack

by | 29 Apr 2020

Demo Lumicademy on Slack

Slack has become an important business tool for teams around the world. With Slack, employees can meet and collaborate on projects from their desktops whether in the office, working from home or across the globe.

Engage your business team with Lumicademy for Slack with a live, seamless collaboration solution for your business, education or training. Adding Lumicademy to your Slack provides secure, face-to-face team engagement with HD video meetings and a full suite of tools to collaborate on all of your team’s company projects.

Make Slack Work More Productive: Collaboration Made Simple

Boost productivity with the right tools. Lumicademy provides:

  • HD video and crystal clear audio meetings: Enjoy live engagement with your whole team on Slack. Expression matters, and quality video meetings make things clear when speaking to your colleagues
  • Privacy and Security: Feel safe with communicating with your Slack teams. Lumicademy offers secure, end-to-end encryption utilizing industry standard protocols. API driven, efficient and easy-to-use.
  • Real-time Document and Screen Sharing: seamless integration for sharing over 70 document format types- no more scrambling to change corporate file types for your team, you can share them immediately.
  • Document Annotation: Your team members can easily do markup and document changes in real-time, so that you save time and get more accomplished easily.
  • Whiteboarding: The tools to draw, design, markup and work as a Slack team on documents. Lumicademy helps to make your team productive and save time while working together live.
  • Recording: Record your meetings for later reference so that your team has the ability to review any aspects of your collaborative business meeting.

It’s Easy to Use Lumicademy on Slack

Lumicademy gives your company a safe and secure place to collaborate, share documents, and present live as a team. It’s easy to start a meeting by typing our Slack Command “/lumiroom” followed by a name for your meeting, and Lumicademy takes care of the rest. You’ll have a link to join your meeting right away.

Format: /lumiroom [meeting name]
Example: /lumiroom My Awesome Meeting

Once you submit, Lumicademy will share a link to join your own private meeting.

Connecting Lumicademy to your Slack workspace gives you an easy way to start a live meeting with only a simple command. You easily pick your audience, send an invite in a Slack channel and every subscriber can join. Need a one-on-one meeting in Slack? Send the invite in a direct message. HD video conferencing, with all the tools you need for a productive meeting in real-time.

Easy Private Cloud Integration for Your Business

Providing corporate training or doing business remotely by using a public platform or video conferencing service can leave your confidential company information exposed and subject to privacy issues. Corporate trainers and companies everywhere are concerned about issues surrounding the availability and security of their solution, in addition to performance issues.  Lumicademy offers a complete solution for securing your conferences behind your own firewall.

Sign up for More Control

With Lumicademy, you can ease the strain of overused and under-secure platforms, while having secure, end-to-end encrypted meetings. You can run on our secure cloud platform, or run on your own servers, private network and private cloud in a few easy steps, to ensure that your company information is safe and compliant with corporate standards.

You can fully connect with your team on Slack with Lumicademy, and your company can also utilize the full power of the Lumicademy platform when you bring the secure robust platform to your cloud.

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